The ABOLLO FODDER MIXER is produced in 3-6-8-12-14-20 cubic meters and it is an ideal machine for enterprises with animals quantities 20-200 heads. The simple, light and durable structure of the machine ensures that it is indispensable for dairy and  farms. The vertically operating spiral system, thanks to the special alloyed, specially designed and tungsten-coated blades on it, allows the round and square balls to be disintegrated in a short time, cut and mixed homogenously with other rough and concentrated feeds. Thanks to the special design of the spiral and the body, there are no blind spots in the machine and therefore there is no post-emptying feed in the bucket. This special design requires much less power than the horizontal feed mixers combined with the long-life gearbox system used. Thanks to the electronic digital weighing system, feeds to the machine can be weighed with high accuracy and ratios can be prepared correctly.