The ABOLLO HAMMER MILL  is mounted to tractor three-point connections system and takes its movement from the pto  shaft. In the hammer mill , the crusher is a hammer system, the blades are made of steel and at the same time the blades can be used on four sides. The machine turns the blades with the centrifugal system and breaks the spindle by taking the revolution of the crusher section according to the operating speed of 540 rpm in the tractor Pto  shaft. The sieving adjustment is done according to the desired grain. The machine has 4 different screen sizes. Care must be taken to ensure that the feeds desired to be milled are absolutely dry. Oily and moist feeds are not milled efficiently. You can easily feed all kinds of cereals (barley, wheat, corn, corncob, rye, broom, oat, cotton seed, alfalfa, sunflower and straw etc.) Thanks to the fan system, the filling of the grinded feed is easily done with sacks. Our model with electric motor is also in our production band.