The ABOLLO SQUARE BALLER is a machine that collects grass, clover , wheat, barley and similar crops harvested in the field and compresses them as stalk or straw  and binds them by a rope. The most common and useful one is baling machine in the form of a rectangular prism. This makes transportation, storage and use much easier. The power required to operate the machine is taken from the shaft of the tractor. With the aid of a double acting hydraulic piston lifting system on the pickup part, it easily moves up and down to include the whole product in the bale. The collector height can be adjusted from the side of the driver. The proprietary balanced crank and piston system allows both the operator and the tractor to remove undesirable vibrations and improve working conditions. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic pick-up system. It is equipped with overload-resistant bale press cabinet. Can operate with a 30 Hp tractor power. Collects the surface of the area perfectly.